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You wake up in a world that you have completely forgot about.
You are still on Earth but you don't know anything about its universe.

By exploration, you will discover the planet through its landscape, colors and physical laws.
You may feel excitement, curiosity, confusion but mostly the need to understand what this reality is about.
Alone in this experience, driven by your intuition, you are awakening to a new reality within yourself...


Opening my eyes to an unknown world.
Waking up in a dream. What happened to me ?
A source of bright light illuminates the sky
and colors everything around me.
Caught between wonder and confusion,
I feel the need to discover this unfamiliar place.

The unknown might seems scary but,
once immersed into it,
the search for truth separates me from my irrational fears.
An invisible force connects me to the ground, forbidding me to fly.
So I'm moving along the wavy landscape.

Deep feelings are taking control of me, like I've already lived this.
Something's pushing me ahead, deep inside.
Connected to my higher self, guiding me trough this exploration.

So much to be, so much to live for.
Despite the fear and misunderstanding,
my inner guidance carries me away in the flow of life.

So much to be, so much to live for.
I now discover life trough all its forms, from purple to red.


from Ubuntu, released October 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Kälter Québec

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